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For years I have been addicted to the newest, latest gadgets out there.  It is not just a case of  gadget envy ( although there may be some of that if I am truthful) but a true passion for finding products that really work and make life easier and more fun.  There is nothing like a product that just fits into your life and works...I don’t just mean literally. I mean things that bring interests, tasks, and leisure time together without having to work too hard at using them.

My interests have changed over the years going from a single consultant traveling the globe to a married, working mom of 3, but my passion for things that just work never changed...of course the objects of my desire went from great travel gadgets to great baby gear and now to things that make managing the content of my life easier.

I hope you enjoy the ride as I share some of my discoveries with you and that maybe you get some great ideas of your own.  Please feel free to reach out with questions or suggestions.  I would love to hear from you and I would love to help!


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“Products were once designed for the functions they performed. But when all companies can make products that perform their functions equally well, the distinctive advantage goes to those who provide pleasure and enjoyment while maintaining the power.”

- Don Norman

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